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Car accidents: Biker succumbs to injuries after crash into car

Motorcycle riders are extremely vulnerable because they have none of the protection that occupants of other vehicles have. Whenever car accidents involve motorcycles, the bikers usually suffer more severe injuries. In many cases, their injuries prove to be fatal, such as in a recent Tennessee crash in which a motorcycle rider succumbed to his injuries several days after the accident.

According to a preliminary report by the Chattanooga police, a 25-year-old motorcyclist was northbound on a local roadway at approximately 5 p.m. on a recent Tuesday. As he approached an intersection, a woman who was waiting at the stop sign allegedly pulled directly into his path as she turned left. The biker was unable to avoid a collision and smashed into the rear of the car.

Car accidents involving Amish buggies becoming more prevalent

Tennessee motorists might be familiar with sharing the roadways of the state with horse-drawn buggies. However, out-of-state visitors might be unsure of how to navigate their vehicles without threatening the safety of those riding on buggies and their horses. Safety authorities and officials of Tennessee Highway Patrol recently expressed their concern over the increase in the numbers of car accidents that involve collisions with Amish buggies.

THP says distractions appear to be the cause of many accidents in which cars strike buggies. Although the numbers might seem insignificant with six such accidents so far this year -- compared to an average of two per year previously -- it is the substantial increase that causes concern. Authorities want vehicle operators to recognize the fact that buggies have the same right as other vehicles to use the state's roads.

Motorists and truckers must join forces to avoid truck accidents

Sharing the Tennessee highways with big rigs and other commercial vehicles can be a harrowing experience. Because of the difference in size and weight, truck accidents that involve passenger vehicles typically leave the occupants of the smaller vehicle with severe injuries, and many lives are lost in such crashes. Although truck operators need special licenses and training, drivers of smaller vehicles can take precautions to stay safe.

It is crucial to understand that large trucks have no-zones, which are areas around them where cars are invisible to the truck operators. It might help to keep in mind that the truck driver can only see the other vehicle if that driver of the car can see the face of the trucker in the side-view mirror. Danger zones include certain sections along the sides of the trucks and also directly behind them.

Personal injury: Mind your step to prevent slip-and-fall accident

It is the time of the year when civil courts nationwide, including Tennessee, deal with victims of slip-and-fall accidents. When the negligence of property owners causes such incidents, personal injury lawsuits are the way victims can pursue financial relief to recover medical expenses, which could be substantial. Some injuries can also lead to time off work and resulting lost wages.

Property owners can be held accountable if they fail to take reasonable care to make the necessary precautions or correct problems that cause safety hazards. Circumstances that commonly cause slip-and-fall accidents include unnatural snow or ice accumulation outside a building. In some cases, a snow or ice removal service provider might be held liable if negligent services caused hazards.

Injured in a hit-and-run: What to do next

Following a car accident, all parties involved need to pull off to the side of the road. Unfortunately, not everyone will do that. Hit-and-runs occur frequently in Tennessee, and the police will use all their resources to locate the culprit, as one Chattanooga driver discovered after committing a fatal hit-and-run in September. 

In the event you suffer an injury from a hit-and-run, it is vital to remain calm. You need to contact emergency services. An ambulance should take you to the hospital so that any wounds you sustained can receive an examination from a medical professional. Additionally, you want the police to come out to the scene to make a report to try to find the perpetrator. Here are the next steps to take. 

Wrongful death claim might follow fatal hit-and-run crash

Most Tennessee residents will likely agree that losing a loved one in a car accident is not something to be wished upon anyone. However, the trauma experienced by surviving family members can be exacerbated if they learn that the at-fault driver did not even stop to render aid. Such circumstances often lead to wrongful death lawsuits.

Metro Police in Nashville reported that they had arrested a 38-year-old woman whom they suspect of causing the death of another motorist on a recent Saturday. Not many details about the crash were made available, but an accident report states that three vehicles were involved in the wreck. The crash occurred at about 4 a.m. on Interstate 24.

Prevent personal injury this Halloween night

Children are typically warned to stay away from sharp objects and never to accept candy from strangers -- except during Halloween when anybody can go about wielding sharp knives as they carve pumpkins, and children are actually encouraged to go out and ask strangers for candy. While it is all done for fun, Tennessee parents could take precautions and warn their children of common personal injury hazards during Halloween. At the same time, they might want to make sure their own properties are safe for trick-or-treaters.

It might be wise to equip children with flashlights to make them more visible and avoid being run over by cars, and re-affirming how to cross streets safely might also prevent injury. Children should also be reminded not to enter the homes of strangers but to stay on the porch instead. Furthermore, parents should explain to children that dogs that are usually friendly might be stressed by the presence of many strangers with weird costumes, so keeping their distance might be wise.

Car accidents: Multi-vehicle crash claims life of young girl

All motorists on Tennessee roadways are vulnerable -- crashes happen to anyone at any time. Car accidents can have devastating consequences, especially when lives are lost. One sad affair that claimed the life of a child took place in Chattanooga on a recent Monday evening.

An accident report indicates that four vehicles were involved in the crash that occurred on Cummings Highway. According to the report, one car stopped, waiting to turn into the parking lot of a Taco Bell. Another driver smashed into the back of the stationary one and pushed it into the path of another vehicle that slammed into its passenger side. The car that rear-ended the stopped vehicle was then struck by a fourth vehicle.

Who is liable for damages in multi-car accidents?

When motorists are injured in automobile crashes in Tennessee, the at-fault drivers might be held liable for their damages. However, this process could prove challenging when car accidents involve multiple vehicles. The driver of the vehicle that caused injuries to occupants of another vehicle might not be the at-fault driver if his or her car was struck by yet another one initially.

Multi-vehicle crashes often involve big rig drivers who cannot stop in time when they come upon backed-up traffic. If a tractor-trailer slams into the last car in the queue, a chain reaction may follow, injuring people in multiple other vehicles. Every collision is unique, and many of them are not so easy to determine whether one or more drivers were negligent. This is where the skills of accident reconstructionists come in.

Truck accidents are not always caused by negligent drivers

Many Tennessee motorists might feel threatened by the presence of big rigs with which they have to share the roads. The difference in size between passenger vehicles and commercial trucks typically leave occupants of cars with severe injuries after car vs. truck accidents, while the truck operators are often uninjured. Many people do not realize that a significant percentage of big rig accidents are not caused by negligent truck operators but rather from the negligence of other parties.

Factors that could contribute include fatigue and exhaustion due to trucking companies imposing unrealistic expectations and schedules that force drivers to rush and to drive more than the allowed hours. However, some drivers who have financial problems might put in extra hours to fit in more trips and earn more money. Trucking companies that put inadequately trained drivers on the road also contribute to the risks of commercial truck accidents.

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