Injured in a hit-and-run: What to do next

Following a car accident, all parties involved need to pull off to the side of the road. Unfortunately, not everyone will do that. Hit-and-runs occur frequently in Tennessee, and the police will use all their resources to locate the culprit, as one Chattanooga driver discovered after committing a fatal hit-and-run in September. 

In the event you suffer an injury from a hit-and-run, it is vital to remain calm. You need to contact emergency services. An ambulance should take you to the hospital so that any wounds you sustained can receive an examination from a medical professional. Additionally, you want the police to come out to the scene to make a report to try to find the perpetrator. Here are the next steps to take. 

Write down all pertinent information

Ideally, you can get some information about the car that struck you. If you cannot see the license plate number, then you should try to get the color, make or model to help police efforts. Other information that can help include any bumper stickers, size of the tires or anything on the antenna. You should also take note of the local environment. In the event the collision occurred next to a business, then it is possible the business caught the incident on camera. 

Find witnesses

You should look around the vicinity to see if anyone else witnesses the crash. They may have noticed details of the other car that can help with the police investigation, and you should speak with them to see if they would offer to talk to the police. 

Contact your insurance company

Depending on the auto insurance policy you have, your insurance provider may cover all expenses, including lost wages, associated with a hit-and-run collision. If you do not have that coverage, then your insurance company may fight you on paying the damages. In this instance, it is essential to know you do not have to go through this process alone.