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Car accidents: Biker succumbs to injuries after crash into car

Motorcycle riders are extremely vulnerable because they have none of the protection that occupants of other vehicles have. Whenever car accidents involve motorcycles, the bikers usually suffer more severe injuries. In many cases, their injuries prove to be fatal, such as in a recent Tennessee crash in which a motorcycle rider succumbed to his injuries several days after the accident.

Car accidents involving Amish buggies becoming more prevalent

Tennessee motorists might be familiar with sharing the roadways of the state with horse-drawn buggies. However, out-of-state visitors might be unsure of how to navigate their vehicles without threatening the safety of those riding on buggies and their horses. Safety authorities and officials of Tennessee Highway Patrol recently expressed their concern over the increase in the numbers of car accidents that involve collisions with Amish buggies.

Car accidents: Multi-vehicle crash claims life of young girl

All motorists on Tennessee roadways are vulnerable -- crashes happen to anyone at any time. Car accidents can have devastating consequences, especially when lives are lost. One sad affair that claimed the life of a child took place in Chattanooga on a recent Monday evening.

Who is liable for damages in multi-car accidents?

When motorists are injured in automobile crashes in Tennessee, the at-fault drivers might be held liable for their damages. However, this process could prove challenging when car accidents involve multiple vehicles. The driver of the vehicle that caused injuries to occupants of another vehicle might not be the at-fault driver if his or her car was struck by yet another one initially.

Car accidents: Pickup driver airlifted after school bus crash

Every parent in Tennessee whose children travel to school by bus are likely concerned about their safety. Car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and trusting a school bus driver might be a challenge for any parent. However, not all accidents involving school buses cause harm to the children.

Car accidents: Knoxville driver succumbs to injuries

Losing a loved one is naturally a traumatic experience for anyone. Knowing that the death was preventable and that another party's negligence caused it usually only exacerbates the grief. As with all fatal car accidents in Tennessee, authorities are investigating one that led to the closure of a Knoxville road for hours on a recent Monday afternoon.

Car accidents: ATV crash cause critical injuries to 2

Regardless of the type of vehicle in which people travel, they can be crash victims at any time and on any roadway. Car accidents occur every day, and sometimes, they even involve all-terrain vehicles. Tennessee Highway Patrol is investigating one such an accident that sent two people to the hospital.

Motorcycle vs. car accidents often lead to catastrophic injuries

During the months of summer, motorcyclists nationwide, including in Tennessee, make the most of the opportunity to enjoy riding because it will not be too long before the season changes and it will be too cold to ride. However, they put their lives on the line every time they take to the road. Car accidents involving motorcyclists invariably end with the bike riders suffering catastrophic injuries or worse because they have hardly any protection.

Car accidents: Alleged drunk driver unaware he struck pedestrian

A 26-year-old Tennessee driver was arrested on a recent Tuesday morning after he allegedly struck a pedestrian. This was one of those rare car accidents in which the driver was not even aware of the fact that he hit something. He allegedly left the accident scene, and police located and arrested him later.

Car accidents can cause injuries with hidden symptoms

Tennessee motorists might find comfort in knowing that they are entitled to pursue financial relief through the civil justice system if they should be injured as the result of another party's recklessness or negligence. However, it could be challenging to prove injuries were related to car accidents if there were no medical examinations done immediately after the incidents. Not all injuries are immediately evident, and this is why it is crucial to see a doctor even if there are no apparent broken bones or open wounds.

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