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Personal injury: Mind your step to prevent slip-and-fall accident

It is the time of the year when civil courts nationwide, including Tennessee, deal with victims of slip-and-fall accidents. When the negligence of property owners causes such incidents, personal injury lawsuits are the way victims can pursue financial relief to recover medical expenses, which could be substantial. Some injuries can also lead to time off work and resulting lost wages.

Prevent personal injury this Halloween night

Children are typically warned to stay away from sharp objects and never to accept candy from strangers -- except during Halloween when anybody can go about wielding sharp knives as they carve pumpkins, and children are actually encouraged to go out and ask strangers for candy. While it is all done for fun, Tennessee parents could take precautions and warn their children of common personal injury hazards during Halloween. At the same time, they might want to make sure their own properties are safe for trick-or-treaters.

Personal injury: Are owners of wild animals strictly liable?

Many Tennessee families have dogs, cats, caged birds or other animals as pets, and most of them know that they could be held liable if their beloved pets should harm somebody. Many personal injury lawsuits are filed in civil courts every year by victims of animal bites, and not all of them involve domesticated animals. Owners of wild animals may not realize that they are subject to the same laws of strict liability regardless of the measures they take to protect others.

Personal injury lawsuit follows visit to zipline facility

Spending time at a zipline facility in Tennessee promises a whole lot of fun for any family. If any personal injury is to be expected, it would undoubtedly be through the activity and not the water that is served by the operators of the business. However, the Tennessee Department of Health says over 500 visitors to the most popular zipline facility in the state suffered gastrointestinal conditions after visiting the attraction in mid-June.

Personal injury: Your rights to safety at a conference venue

Guests of hotels, conference centers or other facilities in the hospitality industry in Tennessee expect to be safe while on the host's premises. For a manager or owner of such a facility to avoid facing personal injury lawsuits, reasonable care must be taken to ensure the guests' safety. This includes, among other requirements, frequent inspections of equipment, furniture and the facility along with providing proper training and supervision for employees who were only appointed after adequate background checks were done.

Personal injury: What are WSPEs and how can they be avoided?

Imagine going into surgery to have a damaged kidney removed, only to wake up and learn that the healthy kidney was removed instead. That is one example of a WSPE -- a wrong-site procedure. There are also wrong-patient and wrong-procedure errors of which an example is a patient who is wheeled into surgery to have an appendix removed and later learns that she had a mastectomy that was meant for a patient with a similar name. These are errors that typically make viable medical malpractice claims, but in Tennessee, such a lawsuit is best navigated by an experienced personal injury attorney.

Personal injury from slip-and-fall can cause long-term damage

Victims of slip-and-fall accidents in Tennessee might not immediately realize the extent of their injuries and the long-term consequences they might suffer. Although property owners must provide safe premises for shoppers or other visitors, many of them will deny negligence if they have to face a personal injury claim. A thorough medical examination is crucial after such an incident to ensure that future medical expenses are included in documented claims.

Personal injury lawsuits often follow whiplash injuries

Many car accident victims in Tennessee suffer long-term consequences of whiplash injuries that only manifested days or weeks later. Some might have accepted settlement offers from insurance companies without realizing that they will have years of unanticipated medical expenses. For that reason, a medical examination after an accident is crucial because any future personal injury claims will require medical records to substantiate it.

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