Personal injury Compensation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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COVID 19 new cases are on the rise in Tennessee

August 1st the Tennessee Department of Health reported over 108,000 caes of COVID-19 and new cases continue to rise as is happening for surrounding states.

Tennessee Court System during the COVID Pandemic

For the past several months, the Tennessee Courts have heard limited cases and with the rise of new cases, the possibility of continuing to hear limited cases will be the norm for the near future. 

However, our daily lives continue under this new normal. We still drive cars and crashes will occur. We still go to the store where we encounter potential danger and our safety was put in jeopardy resulting in loss. 

When a loss due to personal injury occurs today, people are more likely to be scared about the future and maintain their ability to provide for themselves and family. Because COVID-19 is forcing new safety measures, the amount of cases that end up in trial has diminished. This fact may cause some clients to want to settle directly with an insurance company for faster payout. Please do not fall for this trick. You should never settle for anything less than a full and fair amount. 

At Davis, Kessler & Davis we are continuing to fight for our clients rights to be compensated for what they deserve. We will work with you to determine how to balance the best possible outcome to be compensated. If the insurance companies want to play games, we will get them into the courtroom as soon as we can. We will continue to fight for people who can not fight for themselves. 

If you have been injured, call us today to see if you have a case. Every case matters to us. We are not just a law firm, we are a family business! 

Robert Davis

Robert Davis

Robbie is a trial attorney that handles personal injury work in Tennessee and Georgia. He also serves as Municipal Judge for the City of Decherd.


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