Bonnaroo is a four-day festival that takes place on a 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee. This year, Bonnaroo will take place from September 2nd to September 5th. It’s one of the most popular festivals in Tennessee and the country.. 

With so many people converging on one place, it’s no surprise when a few arrests happen. What should you do if you get arrested at Bonnaroo? Here are some tips for handling a drug or alcohol Arrest.

Tips for how to handle drug and alcohol arrests

  • Treat the police with respect 
  • Don’t resist, scream or shout 
  • Request legal counsel 
  • Don’t say anything without a lawyer. 

Your Fifth Amendment right is to be free from self-incrimination. Your right to have an attorney present at the questioning is a protected right and must be respected. You do not have to answer any question or respond to any statements made against you. You should, however, provide your name, address, and phone number.

If you do get arrested, let the officer know you want to work with Andy Davis, Davis, Kessler & Davis, 931-967-7000.  

How to have a great time at Bonnaroo

tips from experienced Bonnaroovians provided by

  • It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Refill your water often, and keep stocked on ice.
  • Eat Smart.
  • Ask for help if you need it!
  • No need to “rough it”: showers, water, and bathrooms are your friends.
  • Shade & airflow make all the difference.