Chattanooga, Franklin County, Nashville TN: Hands Free July 2019

The rate of distracted drivers in Tennessee has steadily increased in the past ten years. In 2009, despite the presence of the law that made texting while driving illegal, the total amount of crashes due to distracted drivers was over 12,500. In 2018, that amount had almost doubled to over

James Thomas

Local attorney, answers phone or returns calls promptly. Awesome office and easy access from downtown with free parking (you can literally park by the front door). Attorney claims to have a good track record and resolved my issues at a good price. Worth a call.

Kyle Schadewald

Great guys very nice cool people would definitely be a client when I need them. And the inside of the office is very awesome.overall very very nice staff

Wesley Black

Robert Davis was Incredibly helpful and kept me informed during the entire process. I was in the middle of a nasty custody battle and he got what I would consider the best results possible. Kept me informed of my rights as a parent and what I should and should not

Tyler Brewer

Got rearended by somebody who wasn’t watching. It messed my back and neck up pretty bad. I had a friend who got help from Davis Kessler before and he said I should talk to Andy. My insurance only wanted to offer me a small sum for my injuries but after

Jasmine Phillips

I hired them and they were able to get me only 25 hours of community service when I was expecting no less than probation. I will be attending school in August and thanks to them I will be able to get financial aid without that charge being on my record.

Amy Steele

ANDY DID THE IMPROBABLE! JUST AS HE SAID HE WOULD! My husband and our shop are going to be around another day! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND CONSIDERATE EFFORT!

Meja Mill

If you need an attorney to have your back this is the place to come.. My Attorney Andy Davis will go out of the way to fight for every cent for you, for real!! They help you get the money you deserve.. Not only do they go the extra mile,

Samuel Newcomb

Andy represented me better than I could have expected. He was extremely receptive and beyond competent. I would highly recommend him and if necessary would not hesitate to go back.