We Make Family Law Simple

At Davis, Kessler & Davis, we offer thorough representation for any family-related issues you may be facing. From divorce to domestic violence, we put you and your family first so you are in the best position to start your next chapter.

Contested Vs. Uncontested Divorce

How long will your case take? That depends on whether your divorce is contested or uncontested.

If you and your spouse agree on the terms of your divorce and you just want to officiate it legally, your divorce is uncontested. These are generally quicker and easier cases, but a lawyer can help ensure you complete the legal process quickly and accurately.

Contested divorces are those where the two parties don’t agree, and they must either be negotiated or go before a family court judge. These definitely require an attorney if you want to be sure you get a fair say in the outcome.

Child Custody And Child Support

The most important issues that arise during a divorce in Tennessee often involve the children. From deciding on a custody and visitation plan to establishing support terms, our attorneys stand up for both your rights as a parent and the best interests of your child. Our goal is to come to an agreement that sets your child up for success in the years to come.

Your Dedicated Family Law Attorneys

Without a lawyer, you could be left in the dust at the end of your family law dispute. With locations in Winchester and Chattanooga, we ensure you are treated fairly and can move past these family issues with most of your life still intact.