Personal Injury Lawsuits Often Follow Whiplash Injuries

Many car accident victims in Tennessee suffer long-term consequences of whiplash injuries that only manifested days or weeks later. Some might have accepted settlement offers from insurance companies without realizing that they will have years of unanticipated medical expenses. For that reason, a medical examination after an accident is crucial because any future personal injury claims will require medical records to substantiate it.

Sometimes, accident victims are so relieved when they see no apparent broken bones or open wounds that they are fooled into the belief that they escaped injury. However, the sudden forward, backward or sideways movement of the head upon impact of a crash can cause serious damage to the muscles and ligaments in the upper back and neck that support the head. No pain may be present immediately after the accident, but symptoms can take months to develop.

It takes no more than an x-ray to diagnose a fractured bone and decide which treatment would be best. However, whiplash injuries involve a combination of disrupted connective tissue, joints, muscles and the nervous system, which makes diagnosis challenging, and deciding on appropriate treatment even more difficult. The fact that symptoms are often delayed can mean that by the time the injury is identified, the damage might have caused permanent harm already.

Car accident victims in Tennessee could avoid long-term health and financial problems by seeking medical treatment immediately after an accident. Even if a health problem arises later, the medical records from directly after the crash might substantiate claims for damage recovery if a lawsuit is filed some time in the future. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide the necessary guidance and also make sure such legal action is taken within the Tennessee statute of limitations.

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