Sharing the Tennessee highways with big rigs and other commercial vehicles can be a harrowing experience. Because of the difference in size and weight, truck accidents that involve passenger vehicles typically leave the occupants of the smaller vehicle with severe injuries, and many lives are lost in such crashes. Although truck operators need special licenses and training, drivers of smaller vehicles can take precautions to stay safe.

It is crucial to understand that large trucks have no-zones, which are areas around them where cars are invisible to the truck operators. It might help to keep in mind that the truck driver can only see the other vehicle if that driver of the car can see the face of the trucker in the side-view mirror. Danger zones include certain sections along the sides of the trucks and also directly behind them.

For that reason, tailgating must be avoided, and when a motorist pulls up alongside a big rig, it must be to pass it. During this process, it is essential to avoid cutting back into the driving lane too soon. Large trucks need space to slow down, and if they have to slam on their brakes, disaster is sure to follow. Along with the risk of being rear-ended by a massive vehicle, such a sudden stop could cause the truck to jack-knife. Motorists must also remember to allow large trucks extra space to make turns at intersections, and avoid squeezing in between the curb and the truck because that will be in the operator’s blind spot.

Safe sharing of the roadways requires truckers and motorists to drive responsibly and keep a lookout for each other. However, crashes that result from the negligence of big rig drivers continue to occur. Victims of truck accidents will likely have to deal with substantial medical expenses along with lost income. They will be entitled to pursue financial relief through the Tennessee civil justice system, and this process can be simplified by securing the services of an experienced personal injury attorney.