It is the time of the year when civil courts nationwide, including Tennessee, deal with victims of slip-and-fall accidents. When the negligence of property owners causes such incidents, personal injury lawsuits are the way victims can pursue financial relief to recover medical expenses, which could be substantial. Some injuries can also lead to time off work and resulting lost wages.

Property owners can be held accountable if they fail to take reasonable care to make the necessary precautions or correct problems that cause safety hazards. Circumstances that commonly cause slip-and-fall accidents include unnatural snow or ice accumulation outside a building. In some cases, a snow or ice removal service provider might be held liable if negligent services caused hazards.

It is the responsibility of owners of parking lots to provide reasonably safe and adequately maintained areas for those who use it. Cracks and potholes must be repaired to prevent the icing over of accumulated water. Special care is necessary to prevent wet or icy areas where sections have different heights and on slanted walkways. Inadequate outdoor lighting is also a source of many fall accidents where areas around buildings and in parking lots are poorly lit.

Victims of slip-and-fall accidents in Tennessee typically consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to evaluate the viability of a lawsuit. A lawyer can assess the circumstances and determine whom to name as defendants. Furthermore, before presenting the claim to the court, the attorney can assist with the documentation of claims and gathering of substantiating documentation to submit for adjudication by the court.