Children are typically warned to stay away from sharp objects and never to accept candy from strangers — except during Halloween when anybody can go about wielding sharp knives as they carve pumpkins, and children are actually encouraged to go out and ask strangers for candy. While it is all done for fun, Tennessee parents could take precautions and warn their children of common personal injury hazards during Halloween. At the same time, they might want to make sure their own properties are safe for trick-or-treaters.

It might be wise to equip children with flashlights to make them more visible and avoid being run over by cars, and re-affirming how to cross streets safely might also prevent injury. Children should also be reminded not to enter the homes of strangers but to stay on the porch instead. Furthermore, parents should explain to children that dogs that are usually friendly might be stressed by the presence of many strangers with weird costumes, so keeping their distance might be wise.

The flammability of Halloween costumes poses additional risks. Children must avoid getting close to burning candles that could set fire to their costumes. Running could also be hazardous where electrical extension cords might be present that could cause trip-and-fall accidents.

If children do get hurt because of negligent property owners, their parents might have grounds to pursue financial relief. However, establishing negligence could be challenging, and it might be a task best tackled by an experienced Tennessee personal injury attorney. Legal counsel can also assess the viability of a civil lawsuit and provide the necessary support and guidance throughout ensuing legal proceedings in pursuit of damage recovery.