Wrongful Death Claims Follow Waffle House Shootings

When a loved one is killed by someone else, the family members are naturally extremely traumatized, and although the alleged killer may face criminal charges, the financial consequences for the family can be overwhelming. Fortunately, the Tennessee civil justice system allows surviving family members to file wrongful death claims in pursuit of financial relief. This is what some families who lost loved ones in the April Waffle House shooting are doing.

After one such a lawsuit was filed in May, another family recently filed a claim against the 29-year-old alleged shooter and his father. On April 22, four people were shot and killed in the restaurant. Both families claim that the father’s negligence enabled his son to shoot the victims.

Reportedly, police seized some firearms from the son in August last year, and they placed them in the care of his father. Law enforcement apparently told the father to keep the guns away from his son. However, it is alleged that he gave them back to his son, enabling him to walk into the restaurant and open fire.

Along with the trauma of losing a loved one, surviving family members have to deal with the expenses related to end-of-life arrangements, lost income, loss of companionship and more. Although money cannot undo what has already occurred, it can ease the financial burden. However, navigating a wrongful death lawsuit can be challenging, and is best done with the support and guidance of an experienced Tennessee personal injury attorney who can help with establishing negligence and presenting the claim in civil court.

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