Most Tennessee residents will likely agree that losing a loved one in a car accident is not something to be wished upon anyone. However, the trauma experienced by surviving family members can be exacerbated if they learn that the at-fault driver did not even stop to render aid. Such circumstances often lead to wrongful death lawsuits.

Metro Police in Nashville reported that they had arrested a 38-year-old woman whom they suspect of causing the death of another motorist on a recent Saturday. Not many details about the crash were made available, but an accident report states that three vehicles were involved in the wreck. The crash occurred at about 4 a.m. on Interstate 24.

Reportedly, police arrived on the scene to find the critically injured unidentified male driver in one vehicle. He was rushed to a medical facility but succumbed to his injuries. The car that police suspect of causing the accident was unoccupied when they arrived, and after determining the identity of the owner, they located her at a hospital. They concluded that her injuries were of a nature consistent with what would be expected after an auto accident, and police obtained a blood sample to compare to blood at the scene because she claimed not to have driven the car.

The criminal charges against the driver include failure to assist injured victims and leaving the accident scene in which a fatality occurred. The surviving family members of the deceased man will be entitled to pursue financial relief through the Tennessee civil justice system. However, the services of an experienced wrongful death attorney will likely be required to establish negligence on the part of the arrested driver, which is a requirement in such a lawsuit before documented claims are adjudicated.