The reality in America is that most people are either living paycheck to paycheck or only have enough savings for a minor emergency. Sadly, for so many, those times are gone.

COVID-19 has created uncertainty beyond our health. Uncertainty has played havoc with the market, businesses are either temporarily closing or pairing down where other business seem to be ramping up. Many people are left in the dark having a loss of income. There is a little bit of help from the government with a stimulus check, tax deadline being pushed back and utilities not shutting off services for now.

While those options may offer some remedies, for those that have or will be losing any part or all of their income because of the effects COVID-19 has had on our community, this can be devastating and potentially losing everything and facing eviction or foreclosure. Bankruptcy offers options that can potentially allow you to keep your place of residence and forgive part or all of your debt. There are different types of bankruptcy to consider and the options can get confusing.

At Davis, Kessler and Davis we can help assist with your options for filing bankruptcy in Tennessee. We have attorneys that are able to help in Franklin, Coffee, Grundy, Sequatchie and Hamilton Counties. Please call us at 931-967-967-7000 or 423-267-7000. We are continuing to answer our phones as legal matters are an important part of our lives that are impacting us as this pandemic progresses.