COVID-19 hopefully has many of us Safer At Home where we are homeschooling our children, working from home, and going about our business as best we can. This COVID-19 pandemic may bring on special circumstances such as an ongoing or new bankruptcy proceeding. For those that are still going to and from work outside the home or just needing to shop for essential services, driving anywhere opens us up to the danger of another person causing a car wreck. Life happens and while our office doors are locked, we are still talking to clients about their needs such as bankruptcy, auto accidents, injury, criminal actions and disability.

Court is currently closed until April 30, but we are still here working with our clients. Davis, Kessler and Davis has been at the forefront of technology for many years. We have dual internet connections, paperless technology, best in class case management system, and multiple cloud phone systems allowing us to work virtually anywhere. We even have our own in house technology specialist. Some staff members are working remotely and some are in the office taking the utmost precautions. What this means for you is we can continue to work on your case as much as possible. If you have an issue to discuss, we are here for you. We are completely paperless and can work with you over the phone or on video if you like. Floyd, Nick, Andy, Robbie and Roger are available during normal business hours.

As always, we hope you all stay safe during these very serious times.

All contact information is listed below.