During the months of summer, motorcyclists nationwide, including in Tennessee, make the most of the opportunity to enjoy riding because it will not be too long before the season changes and it will be too cold to ride. However, they put their lives on the line every time they take to the road. Car accidents involving motorcyclists invariably end with the bike riders suffering catastrophic injuries or worse because they have hardly any protection.

Such was also the case on a recent Thursday evening. The office of the sheriff in Hamilton County says a wreck involving a car and a motorcycle was reported on a recent Thursday evening. First responders rushed to the scene and found a motorcyclist — who turned out to be a captain in the Chattanooga Fire Department — and her passenger critically injured. They were both transported to the hospital.

A preliminary crash report indicates that the collision was caused by a motorist who failed to yield to the bike. The driver put the vehicle directly into the path of the motorcycle by turning in front of it. That driver suffered no injuries.

When negligent drivers cause car accidents, the injured victims are typically entitled to seek recovery of damages. When such a crash involves a motorcycle, injuries are sure to be severe, leaving the victims with long-term health and financial consequences. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide the necessary support and guidance to pursue financial relief through the Tennessee civil justice system. If negligence on the part of the driver can be established, the court can determine liability and enter a monetary judgment to cover documented claims for economic and noneconomic losses sustained.