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Floyd Don Davis, known to some as Flossie, the Old Codger, Hog Man, Judge, Counselor, has been around the town of Winchester since 1967.

Floyd, known as Flossie to those who went to school with him at Cowan Elementary and FCHS, spent his early years in Cowan. He was nicknamed Flossie by his Cowan principal and coach Gordon Sanders. At FCHS Flossie was a member of the only undefeated, untied FCHS Rebel 1956 football team.

In 1967 Floyd graduated from Memphis State University Law School and joined Clinton Swafford and Morris Hayes in their law firm. Floyd Davis became a Winchester man on the street, going from law office to the courthouse on a daily basis. 

Besides his law practice Floyd has renovated many buildings and built many commercial and residential structures. His most impressive renovation is his law office Davis, Kessler, Davis on Dinah Shore Boulevard. His love for barn wood can be seen throughout the office

His main vocation is law and will practice law as long as the Good Lord says he can. He enjoyed his years as a judge, but now he is sitting in his office and bestowing his knowledge to the younger generation of lawyers. 

Floyd’s lasting legacy for Winchester may be his Hog Day held the Friday before the Super Bowl. Each year thousands come by Davis, Kessler, Davis to guess the weight of one or more hogs. The winner gets the hog or hogs! Free food, music, and fun. Politicians, the young, senior citizens, farmers, bankers, people from all walks of life gather for this event. This annual event is Floyd’s way of giving back to his community which has been so good to him, his law firm, and his family

No one enjoys his life or working as much as Floyd Don Davis. His truck will be seen at his office sometimes seven days a week. He enjoys people and wants to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals. He loves his radio show with his brother in law Bob Peters: Truth, Rumors, and Gossip.