Spending time at a zipline facility in Tennessee promises a whole lot of fun for any family. If any personal injury is to be expected, it would undoubtedly be through the activity and not the water that is served by the operators of the business. However, the Tennessee Department of Health says over 500 visitors to the most popular zipline facility in the state suffered gastrointestinal conditions after visiting the attraction in mid-June.

TDH revealed that tests of the well water at the zipline facility indicated E.coli and norovirus contamination. Furthermore, authorities found that the business owners have operated an unauthorized public water system, and have been serving untested water for eight years. A family from another state claim they all became ill after visiting the park and consuming the polluted water.

The family filed a lawsuit against the property owners, seeking $50,000 in damages. This is a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of the family and others who became ill after visiting the facility between mid-May and mid-July this year. They seek damages similar to their own for other class members.

Victims of any personal injury suffered at the premises of a negligent property owner or business operator likely have grounds to file lawsuits in a Tennessee civil court. This is a complicated field of the law and is best navigated by an experienced personal injury attorney. A lawyer can help with establishing negligence and presenting documented claims to the court in pursuit of a monetary judgment to cover financial losses.