Personal Injury: Your Rights To Safety At A Conference Venue

Guests of hotels, conference centers or other facilities in the hospitality industry in Tennessee expect to be safe while on the host’s premises. For a manager or owner of such a facility to avoid facing personal injury lawsuits, reasonable care must be taken to ensure the guests’ safety. This includes, among other requirements, frequent inspections of equipment, furniture and the facility along with providing proper training and supervision for employees who were only appointed after adequate background checks were done.

Slip-and-fall accidents are some of the most frequently reported injury-causing incidents on the premises of hospitality facilities. Torn, damaged or loose carpets or rugs are typical trip hazards along with electrical cords snaking across the floor. Wet floors caused by janitorial cleaning or by leaks or spills are recipes for slips, and so are liquids or objects on stairways as well as damaged hand railings.

Any food and beverages offered at the venues must be prepared according to industry standards for cleanliness and hygiene, even if an outside caterer’s services are used. The facility owner can be held responsible for any guests suffering from food-borne illnesses. Serving alcohol also has regulations when it comes to minors and also serving guests who have obviously had enough — or too much — alcoholic beverages.

Guests who are attacked by intruders at the venue can also lead to personal injury claims because security is also the venue’s responsibility. Danger zones include insufficient lighting in parking lots, hallways and stairwells and the lack of security guards. Victims of injuries caused by the negligence of owners or managers of hospitality venues can seek the support and guidance of an experienced Tennessee personal injury attorney to pursue recovery of damages.

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