Truck Accidents: Sedan Causes Fatal Tractor-Trailer Rollover

Authorities in Tennessee are investigating a crash that claimed one life on a recent Thursday evening. Unlike other truck accidents that typically see passenger car occupants killed or severely injured, this time a truck driver lost his life. Charges against the driver of the car might follow. The Tennessee Department of Transportation says the fatal accident that occurred on westbound Interstate 24 caused closure of some lanes until the following morning.

According to a preliminary crash report, a 27-year-old woman was heading west on I-24 in Nashville when, for unknown reasons, she failed to maintain control of her car. She smashed into the side of a tractor-trailer that was operated by a 31-year-old driver from another state. Reportedly, the impact caused the car and the truck to cross over the remaining two lanes before leaving the roadway.

At this stage, the truck rolled over, and after striking a metal pole, it crashed through a guardrail before smashing into a tree. This was when it came to a halt, with the car landing behind it on the shoulder after also striking the guardrail. The truck driver died at the crash scene, and the injuries of the woman were reported to be minor. She chose to have a friend transport her to a hospital, but when police later inquired, she never turned up at that hospital or any other medical facility.

Law enforcement is trying to find the driver for further questioning. However, police identified her, which means the surviving family members of the deceased truck driver can proceed with pursuing financial relief through the Tennessee civil justice system. A Tennessee attorney who is experienced in dealing with truck accidents can guide the family through the filing and navigation of a wrongful death lawsuit. If they can establish negligence, the court might enter a monetary judgment to cover the documented claims for financial and emotional damages they sustained.

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