Many Tennessee motorists might feel threatened by the presence of big rigs with which they have to share the roads. The difference in size between passenger vehicles and commercial trucks typically leave occupants of cars with severe injuries after car vs. truck accidents, while the truck operators are often uninjured. Many people do not realize that a significant percentage of big rig accidents are not caused by negligent truck operators but rather from the negligence of other parties.

Factors that could contribute include fatigue and exhaustion due to trucking companies imposing unrealistic expectations and schedules that force drivers to rush and to drive more than the allowed hours. However, some drivers who have financial problems might put in extra hours to fit in more trips and earn more money. Trucking companies that put inadequately trained drivers on the road also contribute to the risks of commercial truck accidents.

Truckers do not only need the necessary driving training, they must also learn how to ensure the loads the haul are secure and adequately balanced. Overloaded and unbalanced trucks can pose significant dangers on the road. Another matter that is not the sole responsibility of the driver is the maintenance of the truck. The vehicle owner must ensure that its vehicles are properly maintained before scheduling them for trips.

These are but some of the typical causes of truck accidents, and Tennessee motorists who suffered injuries in such accidents might not realize that entities other than the drivers might be liable for damages. An experienced personal injury attorney can launch an independent investigation to identify possible defendants in a lawsuit. The could include the vehicle owner, the company responsible for servicing the truck or the manufacturer of faulty parts. A lawyer can then provide the necessary support and guidance in pursuit of damage recovery by suing additional parties who might be responsible.