Car Accidents Can Cause Injuries With Hidden Symptoms

Tennessee motorists might find comfort in knowing that they are entitled to pursue financial relief through the civil justice system if they should be injured as the result of another party’s recklessness or negligence. However, it could be challenging to prove injuries were related to car accidents if there were no medical examinations done immediately after the incidents. Not all injuries are immediately evident, and this is why it is crucial to see a doctor even if there are no apparent broken bones or open wounds.

Invisible dislocations that could cause long-term problems include disc injuries and cervical dislocations, and fractures of the ribs might also be discovered later. Impact accidents are known to cause whiplash injuries to ligaments, muscles and tendons that could cause continuing pain and discomfort. Symptoms to watch out for include stiffness and pain in the neck, headaches, dizziness, back and shoulder pain, and burning sensations. Diagnosis of soft tissue injuries soon after the accident is essential.

Internal injuries that are not diagnosed could cause little initial pain, but they could be life-threatening. Fractured ribs can cause severe internal damage to the lungs, and kidneys, bowels, spleen, liver, aorta or heart can suffer severe damage, which can only be identified during medical examinations. Psychological injuries can also have long-term consequences that might not be recoverable if not diagnosed soon after the accident.

Victims of car accidents in Tennessee must ensure they have all the necessary medical reports if they intend to pursue financial relief. An experienced personal injury attorney can assess the circumstances of the accident to determine the viability of a civil lawsuit. If grounds exist, the lawyer can assist with the establishment of negligence, and he or she can present the claim in court. The successful presentation might yield a monetary judgment to cover economic and emotional damages.

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