All motorists on Tennessee roadways are vulnerable — crashes happen to anyone at any time. Car accidents can have devastating consequences, especially when lives are lost. One sad affair that claimed the life of a child took place in Chattanooga on a recent Monday evening.

An accident report indicates that four vehicles were involved in the crash that occurred on Cummings Highway. According to the report, one car stopped, waiting to turn into the parking lot of a Taco Bell. Another driver smashed into the back of the stationary one and pushed it into the path of another vehicle that slammed into its passenger side. The car that rear-ended the stopped vehicle was then struck by a fourth vehicle.

Reportedly, all the occupants of the car that was struck first were rushed to an area hospital, where one of them — a young girl — later died. The only other injuries were reportedly suffered by the drivers of the third and fourth vehicles. Only the driver that caused the first crash was uninjured.

Losing children in preventable car accidents must be one of the worst things that parents can experience. While no amount of money can undo such a tragedy, a monetary award made by a civil court judge could ease the unanticipated financial burden that typically follows a loved one’s death. With the support and guidance of an experienced Tennessee attorney, parents of a deceased child can pursue recovery of the expenses related to end-of-life arrangements and other financial losses. Furthermore, they could seek compensation for their pain and suffering and other emotional damages.