When motorists are injured in automobile crashes in Tennessee, the at-fault drivers might be held liable for their damages. However, this process could prove challenging when car accidents involve multiple vehicles. The driver of the vehicle that caused injuries to occupants of another vehicle might not be the at-fault driver if his or her car was struck by yet another one initially.

Multi-vehicle crashes often involve big rig drivers who cannot stop in time when they come upon backed-up traffic. If a tractor-trailer slams into the last car in the queue, a chain reaction may follow, injuring people in multiple other vehicles. Every collision is unique, and many of them are not so easy to determine whether one or more drivers were negligent. This is where the skills of accident reconstructionists come in.

To determine who was at fault, investigators will use forensic evidence found at the crash scene. They will also record the testimonies of eye witnesses, scrutinize any available video recordings and study the police reports. At the conclusion of a reconstruction, the at-fault driver or drivers will be identified.

Injured victims of multi-car accidents in Tennessee might be overwhelmed with the financial and emotional consequences and unsure of whom to hold accountable. The most logical step would be to consult with an experienced personal injury and motor vehicle accident attorney who could launch an independent investigation to determine whom to name as defendants in a civil lawsuit. Once that is determined, the lawyer can assist with the documenting of economic and noneconomic damages for adjudication by the court if a monetary judgment is entered.