What To Do If You Are In A Traffic Accident

Car Accident

Take Notes and Pictures

The most important thing that you can do at an auto accident is to take pictures and notes. This step can be crucial to help you further down the road in handling your auto accident claim. Usually emotions are high, so having notes in detail of what happened and what you went through, is a far more accurate way of getting the facts down correct. These notes and pictures can help you explain any injuries you may have suffered as a result of this traffic accident.

Insurance companies do not make billions of dollars by freely paying out claims. To get the amount of money you deserve, you need to hire a personal injury attorney. When you meet with your lawyer, it will be important to have pictures and notes about your car wreck.

After the accident, you may suffer pain, loss of sleep, anxiety, discomfort, and many other problems. These all need to be well documented to support your personal injury claim for damages.

Get The Name Of The Officer Making The Police Report

It is also essential to get the name of the officer who is working the accident. Find out where to pick up a copy of the accident report and copies of any statements that were taken by the officer when investigating the accident.

Uninsurance Motorist

One important thing that should never be forgotten is whether or not the other party has insurance at the time of the accident. If the other party does have insurance, you should obtain that information at the time of the accident. This will help speed up your claim process when you do consult with one of our attorneys at Davis, Kessler & Davis.

Insurance Claim

Insurance adjusters will often call and try to take a recorded statement from you on your account of how the accident occurred and the injuries you suffered. It is recommended that you only give your personal identification to the insurance adjuster and refrain from discussing the details of the accident. Even though this is rarely a criminal matter, everything you say can be used against you when the insurance company evaluates your claim.

Lastly, if presented with a release or any other papers, you should never sign anything without consulting with the attorneys at Davis, Kessler & Davis.

Davis, Kessler & Davis Will Fight For Your Case To The End

There are many personal injury law firms that do little more than act as a settlement mill. These firms typically spend a lot of money on advertising and typically do not fight for the client to the end. They will try to settle the case at “industrial levels of efficiency” where efficiency is on the side of the insurance company and attorney and not the full benefit of the client.

At Davis, Kessler & Davis, our goal is to get the most money for our clients. We do not take the first or even second or third settlement offer if together we do not feel it is a just solution. We will bring your case to court if needed, and our record has been to win awards of full and fair justice.

We achieve this because of our attorneys and staff. We also spend a great deal of time testing and researching your case with focus groups.

When you work with an attorney at Davis, Kessler & Davis, we believe in transparency. We will clearly explain everything to you. In addition, our Attorneys will give you their personal email and cell phone to help in communicating. An injury case is a partnership, and we treat it as such.