Neck and Back Injury Attorney

Many people do not understand the long-term harm of a neck or back injury following a motor vehicle accident. What may seem like a minor ache may actually be a herniated disc, pinched nerve or fractured vertebrae that can lead to long-term pain and suffering. One who has experienced a car accident should watch for muscle pain immediately following the accident. You should not discount this pain and if you are feeling pain immediately following the accident, there is a good chance that this pain will only increase and lead to long-term effects. It is important to contact a doctor to obtain immediate x-rays if they have not already been taken. If a neck or back injury goes untreated, it can lead to prolonged pain and unusual symptoms of loss of mobility, tingling in your feet, and reoccurring headaches. It is important to see a doctor and not discount the pain in the neck and back immediately following an accident.